Founded in 1998, Comtex began its activities with the manufacture of surveillance cameras. Over time, Comtex expanded its area of expertise to meet the needs of its customers. Today, Comtex is one of the most experienced Brazilian developers of intelligence solutions in management of Smart Cities and major events.

Comtex's solutions were implemented in the management of security centers in several Brazilian cities. They were also essential for the success of major events such as the 2016 Games, the 2014 World Cup and the 2007 Pan American Games.

Comtex is a company certified by ISO / IEC 27001 Information Security Management, which ensures that your company information will always be protected by the strictest security protocols.

Why Comtex?

• Our technologies are developed internally. We have the complete domain of programming codes, without the need to adapt third-party platforms, which ensures flexibility and speed while implementing your project.
• Comtex solutions have already been applied and tested at large international events such as the Olympic Games.

• Our tools have evolved constantly from a real practical experience.


Smart Cities are those that can use information and communication technology to increase the quality of life of its population by optimizing the resources available in a sustainable way with respect to the environment.

With population growth and disorderly occupation of large cities, technology is playing a key role in working out problems such as urban mobility, public health, education and security.

Comtex's intelligence solutions help cities to be better organized to meet the needs of the population.


The management of installations, goods and services, which can cause serious social, economic, political or national security impact, if interrupted or destroyed, require robust solutions that guarantee the minimization of operational risks and supply interruptions.

Comtex develops integrated and customized solutions for organizations that operate in strategic areas such as energy, water, transport, telecommunications and finance, in order to automate the risk management process for each of them, facilitating the process of making Decisions.


Comtex solutions can be applied to assist the decision making in the logistics area, increasing productivity through automation and facilitating the monitoring of the actions of each contract.

With information technology and intelligence, it is possible to control assets and fleet, define responsibilities, control deadlines, identify and minimize impacts, reduce response time and prevent unwanted risks, thus ensuring more safety and efficiency in cargo handling.


The contemporary phenomenon of urban sprawl and the accelerated growth of the fleet of vehicles, which causes congestion and increase in the time of displacement of the population, demands intelligence in the management of all factors influencing the conditions of Mobility. Comtex provides solutions in all cycles of the project, from the implementation of technology to the operation and maintenance of the urban and long-distance traffic systems, promoting its preventive, corrective and evolutionary maintenance.



Private equity management aims to prevent, avoid or reduce thPrivate equity management aims to prevent, avoid or reduce the risks and losses caused by external factors, such as theft and accidents, in addition to ensuring the physical integrity of the environment, equipment and, especially, people.e risks and losses caused by external factors, such as theft and accidents, in addition to ensuring the physical integrity of the environment, equipment and, especially, people.

Comtex offers customized projects, made by management specialists, aiming to identify the vulnerabilities and threats of each type of environment, with recommendations of preventive and corrective actions to be adopted.


Quick access to information in an organised manner is essential so that the entities responsible for public management can carry out the necessary actions.

Comtex solutions allow, in real time, to transform this information into intelligence, leading to faster and more assertive decision making with better results.

With more efficient risk management, ability to plan actions and optimization of available resources, the manager has more security to command his teams.


The larger the event, the greater the amount of variables and the more difficult the control of the various situations requiring alerts and quick decision making to carry out contingent measures. With Comtex solutions, specially customized according to the characteristics of each event, it is possible to perform a thorough planning of all aspects involved in the organization.

Comtex was present with its solutions in numerous large events such as the 2016 Olympic Games, the 2014 World Cup, World Youth Day in 2013, Confederations Cup in 2013, Military Games 2011 and the 2007 Pan American Games.

Comtex solutions were crucial for the events to be considered great worldwide successes in the management of equipment, fleets and people, providing safety and comfort to all participants: both athletes and also the public.

During all these events, the developed tools have been improved and adapted according to the practical experience, which makes Comtex solutions the most up-to-date and reliable in the area

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